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Online Branding

Online Branding

Online branding serves pretty much the same purpose as traditional branding exercises did for companies. Good branding lends credibility to your business, garners people’s trust, give your website greater incoming traffic and gives your products and services greater exposure. The SEO Agent helps you build your online branding by setting a strong foundation. We help you:.

  • Perform on site optimization, so that search engines can identify you more easily
  • Place your brand on multiple platforms so that more people are aware of it
  • Establish your brand outside of your website to improve credibility
  • Protect and manage your brand’s reputation in your industry niche

There is no one guiding rule for online branding. It is a multiple pronged approach and involves a number of areas. Here is an overview of what you need:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is about getting your website to show up among the first 20 results on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is because a majority of internet users don’t look beyond those 20 results for what they want. The SEO agent performs white hat optimizations using multiple techniques on your website, so that its rankings increase. We ensure that your site not only gets to the top, but also stays there. We ensure long term ranking for your site by using ethical techniques rather than perform black hat SEO, which is essentially spamming.

2. PPC Campaign

Another way to quickly get off the ground and give your new product is to run a strong pay per click or PPC campaign. This is essentially an advertising campaign where you place your ads containing links to your website at strategic places on the internet. The links are visible to users who may be interested in your products and therefore more likely to be clicked.

When you are launching a new product and have to start from scratch, SEO can only help so much. PPC can give you that initial flurry of incoming traffic that will help you gain more rankings in the long term. It also gives your product more exposure. While the results of SEO may take months to show up, a PPC campaign shows immediate results in a matter of weeks.

A common strategy is to run a solid PPC campaign for a new product and reap the benefits of SEO in the long term.

3. Online Advertisements

Online advertisements too increase your product’s exposure online. You can pursue both a short term and long term online ad strategy. The SEO Agents help you get the most value out of your online advertisements by using analytics to place the ads strategically. For instance, if your company sells kids’ toys, your ads will show up on related forums and websites through a network. This means that there is greater probability of people on those sites clicking on your ads and landing on your website. Likewise, if the ads of kids toys are placed on a recipe forum, they will naturally lead to very little traffic and negligible conversion rate.

We analyze your products and research on the keywords that are currently trending and use those keywords for your ads. They will generate maximum response and you get great value on your investment. Our strong online ad network should help you generate a large number of leads and drive your online sales.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing, if done well produces great results and gives you thousands of leads each day. The SEO Agents will set up a highly modular email marketing campaign based on an analysis of your company and products. You should see a lot of incoming traffic coming through this campaign.

The secret to getting your email marketing strategy right is targeting the right customers. You can’t just buy a mailing list from somebody and expect to get more customers. We do intense market research to filter potential customers who are in need of a product that you are selling. This is why you will get a high response rate from your email sales letters.

With The SEO Agent, your online branding strategy is a complete plan that hits all the right notes. We use a combination of strategies so no stone is left unturned for forging a strong online brand for your company. Call The SEO Agents now to find out more!

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